Invisible Dog Fence

Hide the fence, not your yard!

Traditional fences detract from curb appeal and require expensive repairs.

It’s about time you could take advantage of your front or backyard the way it was intended to be used!

Irrigators LLC is dedicated to allowing you the choice to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home while still keeping your pet secure at home.

If this sounds good, then it is time to check out our invisible fence service!

Do you have a yard that you want to designate as “off-limits” to your pet?

Our hidden fence system allows you to keep your pets away from things like flowerbeds, kid’s play areas, and swimming pools.

No need to be concerned about the size of your property because our fences can cover up to 200 acres.

We use only the top products in the fencing industry and stand behind our work.

Your pet’s receiver collar can be modified to meet their unique demands, regardless of breed, size, age, or temperament. 

As stated earlier, our fences can be customized to fit almost any space.

But what if you have more than one pet?

No problem for Irrigators LLC.

Our hidden fence system is capable of guarding numerous animals, and as long as your pet is wearing a receiver collar, you can rely on it to keep him safe.


How Does It Work?

Invisible Fence Perimeter

For invisible fences, there are primarily two boundary types available:

  • Wired fence: In a predetermined or special shape, a boundary wire is buried slightly below the surface. To draw boundaries, a central transmitter unit transmits a frequency to the wire.
  • Wireless fence: In your home or garage, a central transmitter device generates a wireless circular border zone with a specific circumference around itself.


Your hidden fence system’s outside boundary loop lets your pet play and run about outside in a designated area.

The smaller, inner loop prevents your pet from accessing “off-limits” areas like a garden, flowerbed, or pool area (s).

Our boundary wires for covert fences are strong and long-lasting.

Receiver Collar

An around-the-neck receiver collar powered by rechargeable batteries allows a dog to communicate with an invisible fence.

The collar is set to emit a warning beep as soon as the dog approaches the barrier from a particular distance away, followed by a gentle static shock, or correction, if they approach too closely.

Rather than hurting a dog, the shock is meant to frighten and annoy it.

Nevertheless, each dog will respond differently based on its breed and temperament. Correction intensity can usually be adjusted to suit the size and stubbornness of a particular dog.

Ready to get started?

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