Irrigation System Inspection
in Ocala, FL

20 Point Irrigation System Inspection

Residents within our service area can now get a 20-point irrigation system inspection for their home irrigation system.

A licensed irrigator will come to your house or business and perform a comprehensive 20-point maintenance test including:

Sprinkler Heads:

  1. Check the spray pattern and appropriate height of each sprinkler head.
  2. Adjust each spray head to maximum coverage.
  3. Check the pressure seals on the heads of all stations for sticking or leaks.
  4. Test sprinkler heads to ensure proper placement.
  5. Sprinkler head adjustment to minimize waste.
  6. Check for clogged filters and nozzles in all spray heads.
  7. Clear any clogged sprinkler nozzles of sand or debris.
  8. Verify that all rotating heads are rotating properly.

Control Valves & Piping Checkup:

  1. Check the opening and closing of irrigation valves and stations
  2. Check the system for leaks in the main supply line.
  3. Check all stations for leaking control valves and pipework.
  4. Verify that the system pressure is correct.
  5. Inspect the valve box for missing lids and coverings.
  6. Check for incorrectly adjusted control valves at any low-pressure stations.

Main Controller Inspection

  1. Examine the irrigation controller.
  2. Check for controller backup battery.
  3. Ensure the controller’s rain sensor is connected.
  4. At the controller, look for any loose wires.
  5. Recommend an irrigation schedule.
  6. Program irrigation controller.


You can relax knowing that your lawn irrigation system will be backed by our industry-leading sprinkler system guarantee, regardless of which one you select. 

When installed by Irrigators LLC each lawn sprinkler system comes with a number of warranties. These packages consist of: 

Sprinkler Heads: 

**3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

**5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 

5-Year Industry Leading Warranty – Includes Accidental Damage – No Questions Asked


3-Year Warranty – Excludes Lighting and Digging 

Warranties Does Not Include Piping or Fittings Underground 

**Exclusions Apply

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