Water Conservation

Our Irrigation Service can reduce water waste by up to 30%.

In order to save one of our most priceless resources, our irrigation maintenance program is heavily focused on water conservation.

You can be wasting water and increasing your utility costs if your irrigation system isn’t functioning properly. Our irrigation solution can cut down on water wastage by up to 30%.

To guarantee that your landscape receives the appropriate amount of water at the appropriate time, we carefully measure the area and make any required modifications.

This entails making adjustments for your lawn’s particular plants and grass species as well as the growing season.

Tips for Water Conservation

Adjust Sprinklers: Sprinklers should be adjusted so that only the lawn is watered, not the house, the sidewalk, or the street.

On windy days, avoid watering. Regularly inspect and repair your sprinkler system.

If it rains heavily, you won’t need to water at all. Teach the family how to stop an automatic sprinkler system in the event that a storm develops while it is operating.

Water When It’s Cool: Always water in the morning or late afternoon to reduce evaporation. The optimum time to conserve water is in the morning, and the hours between 4 and 9 o’clock should be avoided.

Reduce The Amount Of Grass In Your Yard: Reduce the amount of grass in your yard since less grass requires less water. Replace with landscaping that uses little water.


Adjust Your Irrigation Schedule: To account for variations in seasonal water consumption, modify your irrigation schedule. Set up a timer that runs on its own.

Purchase a rain gauge: Purchase a rain gauge to monitor the amount of irrigation or rain that has fallen on your lawn.

Raise The Lawn Mower’s Blade When Mowing: When mowing, raise the blade on your lawnmower to its highest point, or at least three inches high. Closely mowed grass requires more water since the roots have to work harder.

Make Use Of Native Or Other Water-Efficient Plants: Use native or other low-water-use plants for landscaping. For the best native or low water use trees, shrubs, and plants, consult Irrigators LLC.

Use Mulch Around Plants: Mulch helps to encourage plant growth by reducing evaporation around plants. Water can also be focused around the plants with the help of water retention basins.

Irrigators LLC is dedicated to preserving our natural resources and can help you do the same.

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in our field.
  • Both household and business customers can use our services.
  • We are Rain Bird Sprinkler Certified, .
  • We are fully licensed and insured.

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